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Since a little child of 10 years, Maysa Hammoud had the talent of painting and drawing compared to her age. This talent was discovered by her art teacher back then at school.

With the attention of her parents, Maysa was followed by private teachers for several years, then back with her original teacher in an official training center besides her school. She ressumed attending art classes until 17 years old. 

After that, she took a different path academically and majored in scientific major, which took her away from art for several years.

Her major comeback was in 2016 with a wide collection of several oil paintings on canvas, but that didnt last for long. But this time, she is for sure not going to leave again, becoming a 24 hr mom of two, changing countries, and quitting corporate job, made her come back to it, better yet stick to it and set her dream into action with the launch of this site.

IT TOOK ME A LONG TIME TO REALIZE HOW MUCH THIS MEANS TO ME, BUT I PROMISE Myself not to quit this time! This DETERMINATION on creating magical pieces will only find its way to your heart and home, and for that i will be forever grateful!

-Quoted by Maysa Hammoud
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life is an art that must be spilled on canvas into a painting



Spring-23 Collection

Kingfisher bird in pencil

Pencil Drawing on paper. Artwork size: 21×30 cm. Art paper size: 29.5×42 cm

Kingfisher bird in acrylic

Acrylic painting on canvas wood. Size 30×40 cm

Spring Abstract.2

Acrylic painting on art paper. Art work size: 50x50cm

The Enchanted Forest

Acrylic on art paper. Size of artpaper: 50×70 cm. Artwork size: 40×60 cm

Bloom Goddess

Acrylic painting on canvas. Size 40×50 cm

Twin Flowers

Two separate Acrylic paintings on newspaper. Size 34.7×24.7 each


The Come Back Collection-Oil on Canvas 2016

Faded Horse

oil painting on canvas. Size: 80×60 cm


oil painting on canvas. Size: 80×50 cm

Lady in Red

oil painting on canvas. Size: 100×70 cm

Beauty Beast

oil painting on canvas. Size: 50×40 cm

New Beginnings

oil painting on canvas. Size: 70×50 cm

Magic in Paris

oil painting on canvas. Size: 70×50 cm


Solo paintings- Acrylic

Tour Eiffel in Pastel

Acrylic on art paper. Size 50×70 cm

Tour Eiffel in Monochrome Red

Acrylic on art paper. Artwork size: 40×55 cm. Art paper Size 50×70 cm


Acrylic painting on linen canvas. Size 80 x60 cm. Classic style painting of Jan Lavezzari in my own style

Beyrouth in Perspective

Acrylic and collage painting on Kraft paper. Size 50×50 cm. Different areas of Lebanon cut and pasted and colored to create this magic scene of Beyrouth Downtown

Dotted Venice

Acrylic painting on art paper. Size of art paper 50×70 cm. Re-creating Edward Manet’s from black & white to light & dark dots of colors leading to this stunning impressionism style. 20 hours of work

Lights Abstract.1

Acrylic painting on art paper. Size 50×70 cm

Light house

Acrylic painting on Kraft paper. Size 50×70 cm

Marylin Monroe

Mixed Media of acrylic, charcoal & collage on art paper. Art paper size 50×70 cm. Artwork size. Painting with hard card not brush.

The Three B’s

Oil on canvas 70×50 cm

Summer Sunset 23

Acrylic on canva 50×70 cm. Present in Limited Edition prints.

Liberty 23

Acrylic on canva 80×100 cm. Original


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Thank you for visiting my website. If you wish to a get a more details of my paintings, please feel free to contact me over the below channels.

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